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When booking a vacation that will include not only your family, but your dog too LOTS of questions are involved. We've compiled a list of the ones we seem to be asked more frequently, hopefully this will help while planning your vacation with us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is a barker, will they be allowed to stay?

Yes. Most of our guests are "dog people" who understand and appreciate dogs. But please be respectful of those guests who may not. Luckily, most of our accommodations are individual houses on their own acre of land (with the exception of the duplex units). So only the loudest and most persistent barking or howling should be heard by neighboring vacationers. However, in the event that your dog's barking or howling becomes overwhelmingly disruptive, we do reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund (this has never happened and we would be very hesitant to enforce this except in an extreme case).

What vaccinations are required for
my dog?

For the safety of all dog guests, we require notice from your vet that your dog is current on their vaccination or titers for DHLLP (a.k.a. DHL2P or 5 in 1) and rabies. We recommend the Bortadella vaccine also, but it is not a requirement.

My dog does not like to be approached by people or other dogs, can they stay?

Yes. If your dog is sensitive to being approached by people or other dogs while on leash, you will be asked to tie a yellow bandanna (provided) around his or her collar to inform other guests and our staff of your dog's need for personal space.

Does our dog need to be crated if we go out?

We do not require crates. If your dog is crate trained you may bring your own crate, we do not provide them.


For your dog's well being please do not "lock" them in a bedroom or leave them unattended in the yard or deck. This may cause undue stress or anxiety on them.

What are the rules for the "People Pool"?

Open Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Hours 10:00am-6pm.


Dogs are not allowed at the outdoor pool.


No glass bottles or containers.


The hot tub is not designed to be a kiddie pool.


Please make sure your infant/toddler is wearing appropriate swimmies, no diapers.


Don't forget your beach towels, unit towels are not permitted at the pool.

Private Pool
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